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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

​The CCTV User Group NASCAM is currently working with the National Police Cheif's Council (NPCC) initiative with the ICO, SCC, CPNI, DSTL and others in developing a standardised Service Level Agreement between Local Authorities and Police Forces nationally.

A number of key issues are being discussed that will be of great interest to CCTV Managers including vetting for CCTV Operators (where Airwave radio and Police ANPR is utilised in CCTV Control Centres) and procedures for reviewing/downloading, retaining and the use of CCTV evidence (including those derived from domestic CCTV (video doorbells), bodycams and other mobile devices) throughout the criminal justice system from CCTV camera to display in court.

He said recently 'It is becoming apparent that the Police generally are not resourcing their organisations to deal with the increasing amount of video evidence that is becoming available (particularly with regard to ASB and low-level criminal incidents) and have no plan for dealing with advances in technology or the exponential growth in the volume of video evidence that will need to be dealt with over the next five years.

There is also an issue regarding the issues around transcoding video for review that we are actively discussing with industry professionals and manufacturers.

It is the position of the CCTV User Group & NASCAM that the Home Office and/or NPSS in conjunction with the Criminal Justice System should undertake a research project to identify emerging technologies and to estimate the volume of data that will need to be processed so that a case for adequate resourcing can be made."

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