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New Specialist Member:CamOptica

Welcome to Keith Waymont of CamOptica as a Specialist Member (ANPR) into the CCTV User Group. ANPR is sometimes considered as a bit of a dark art by some but CamOptica is now here to dispel those myths and share their wealth of knowledge.

I must say that it is a privilege to have been accepted as a Specialist Member of the CCTV User Group & NASCAM, an organisation that strives to promote professionalism across the surveillance camera industry, having previously been a member in a previous role as ANPR & CCTV Manager with the City of London Police. With such a diverse range of skills and knowledge across the membership, representing the industry at all levels, its expertise is second to none.

Having spent 43 years in Policing, both as a serving police officer and as Police Staff with Kent, Essex and the City of London Police, in 2020 I finally took the plunge into the private sector setting up as CamOptica Consulting Ltd., primarily providing consultancy services for all matters relating to ANPR, which has been my passion for the last 20+ years.

Since 1998, my police service was entirely related to ANPR, from being the operator of a single mobile ANPR Camera and Computer deployed in a van, and an ANPR trial using a number of local authority CCTV Cameras, to being responsible for one of the largest Police ANPR Camera Systems across UK Policing, as well as the Police CCTV Systems of the City of London Police. This included all aspects of ANPR from operational deployment, system development and design, procurement, implementation, installation, support and maintenance, utilizing both CCTV based ANPR Systems, as well as dedicated ANPR Cameras, both Fixed Position and Temporary Deployment Cameras, and Mobile ANPR Cameras, together with all aspects of ANPR and CCTV Management and Legal Compliance, as well as providing advice and guidance to members of international police delegations from many countries looking to implement ANPR technology within their organisations. I also sat as a member of the National Police ANPR Technical Advisory Group for 15 years, and as a member of the National ANPR Service Project User Group for 6 years involved in the specification, procurement, development, testing and training for the National ANPR Service for operational use across the 44 police forces of England, Wales and Scotland, as well as 17 other Law Enforcement Agencies.

I am currently engaged with the Home Office, together with a team of Business Analysts and Technical Experts, undertaking a discovery programme relating to the ANPR Analytical requirements for Police and Law Enforcement, in order to determine the most appropriate way that these requirements can be best delivered across UK Law Enforcement, providing increased capability and efficiency across both the intelligence and investigative areas of Law Enforcement.

I am certainly looking forward to meeting many of the members of the group to both share my knowledge and experience around ANPR, and to enhance my knowledge around CCTV from the members of the group.

CamOptica Consulting Ltd. ( Tele - 07917726129

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