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Safer Streets - 'Protect & Deter'

Updated: May 11, 2022

Our 25th Anniversary CCTV Conference & Showcase Security Exhibition 2023

Our 25th Anniversary Conference

With keynote speakers from government, regulatory bodies and academia together with those that worked so hard to bring Martyn's Law to life, we will explore the Protect Duty and break it down for our delegates to digest.

We will be discussing:

  • Detecting crime, hostile reconnaissance & predatory behaviour using CCTV

  • Working to prevent the use of extremist & violent acts to harm others

  • Identifying and learning how to protect 'Grey Spaces'

  • Protecting CCTV IT system from penetration and exploitation

Feedback from 'Vision 2022' was clear that delegates didn't want to see our events shortened, so once again, we will bring you a 2 day event for you to enjoy.

Plus - security showcase exhibition

A UK security showcase exhibition with all the great manufacturers, software developers, system designers, integrators and accreditation bodies there to answer all of your questions.

To book your place, please visit our website here

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