See, Check & Notify - ScaN Modules

Tomorrow, January 7th 2021 the CCTV User Group will again host an online webinar for CCTV User Group members and guests.

At the time of writing, we have 67 people registered for the event which is amazing, thank you to all of you that will be joining us and an especially warm welcome to John Currie and his colleagues from the National Association For Healthcare Security (NAHS).

We'll be hearing from the National 'Project Servator' Team (City of London Police and CPNI) about counter-terrorism training for CCTV operators, hostile reconnaissance and See, Check & Notify (SCaN).

We hope you can join us for this essential webinar. There's still time to register here

SCaN from CPNI is free and has six modules, delivered by qualified trainers:

  • SCaN for all staff: Covers vigilance, suspicious activity and reporting. Available online through the ACT Awareness e-learning or a 30-minute briefing for all of your staff.

  • SCaN for customer-facing: A three-hour interactive course for staff who have direct contact with your customers and site users. It covers suspicious activity, vigilance, the power of hello and reporting.

  • SCaN for CCTV operators: A three-hour course for live monitored control room operators. It covers identifying suspicious activity, awareness of observational and judgmental errors and working with police.

  • SCaN for communications professionals: A half-day workshop for staff who work across communications disciplines, including internal communications, marketing, media liaison and digital communications. A 90 minutes briefing called SCaN for Communications Professionals Awareness is also available.

  • SCaN for security managers: A mentoring programme for security managers. It empowers them to create a difficult environment for individuals or groups seeking to cause harm to your organisation.

  • SCaN for decision-makers: A short briefing for senior executives.


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