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The real Minority Report: AI that studies CCTV to predict crime BEFORE it happens will be rolled out

Updated: Feb 20

  • AI works by identifying small movements that precede criminal activity

  • Tel Aviv-based company Cortica has formed a partnership with Best Group 

  • Together, they plan to roll the technology out to help predict crime across India 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could thwart illegal activity by identifying criminals before they act is set to be rolled out in India.

The aim of the Minority Report-style CCTV surveillance system is to prevent offences such as sexual assault by looking at the body language of people to predict what they are about to do.

An Israeli security and AI research company will soon use AI to analyse the terabytes of data streamed from CCTV cameras in public areas in India.

The partnership has been formed between Tel Aviv-based company Cortica Best Group in India, according to Digital Trends

The company will analyse 'behavioural anomalies' to spot when someone might be about to commit a crime.

This kind of citizen-monitoring technology is already in use in 40 local governments in China.  

The technology will monitor individuals by looking for small twitches that might mean they are about to do something illegal.

Co-founder and COO of Cortica, Karina Odinaev, said the technology could identify movements often overlooked by security teams, potentially making cities safer.

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