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Threat Level Advisory System

We have had a Threat Level Advisory System poster created which is free for members to download. There are 5 posters in the series showing each of the 5 threat levels.

Please place this A4 sized poster at the entrance to your Control Centre Ops room and on staff notice boards to remind your teams of the current threat level in the UK.

The one shown below is set at the current threat level (Severe). When the threat level changes, simply use the appropriate poster for the new threat level. When seen by a BS7958 auditor in a CCTV Centre, it was noted on the audit report that this was a good innovation to maintain staff awareness .

Members can email us for the complete set. The file group is in .pdf format and if requested, we can insert the name of your organisation in the top bar for you. Just send us the details you need us to insert.

Download your sample copy below

Staff Threat Advisory System - 2022
Download PNG • 2.09MB

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