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UK Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner role survives as DPDI fails

Data protection bill doomed by election call

UK parliament will [most likely] not pass data protection legislation during the current session, following the announcement of the general election in the United Kingdom. The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (DPDI) was abandoned following a period of uncertainty surrounding the future of pending legislation. The government has now entered the “wash-up” period, in which final bills are considered for passage before the dissolution of Parliament. The DPDI did not make the cut.

The elimination of the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner role is now on hold. The bill would have transferred some, but not all responsibilities for biometrics regulation to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which the Ada Lovelace Institute called “concerning.”

The tech community was divided between support for and opposition to the bill.

Beth Rudolf, director of delivery at the Conveyancing Association, stressed the importance of passing specific bills, such as the Data Protection and Digital Identity Bill, the Law Gazette reports.

“We are clearly waiting to see what legislation is able to get passed over the course of the next week before Parliament is dissolved, but from a Conveyancing Association perspective there would be a priority ‘wish list’ if you like in terms of those bills currently going through,” says Rudolf. Passing the DPDI would help “get rid of both cyber scams and fraud in property transactions with digital ID and enabling digital signatures linked to digitally-verified ID.”

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