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'Vision 2022' - EYECONART Completed artwork

An artwork of the indiviual eye photos of delegate that attended our event in April 2022
The CCTV User Group's 'Vision 2022' by EYECONART

Those that were there for our Bubbles & Beers networking event (kindly sponsored by CDS Security Systems) were invited to have a high resolution image taken of their eye.

Before going any further, the reason why this seemed like a good idea, needs some explanation.

EYECONART were commissioned by the CCTV User Group back in 2020 when our event back then was to be called '2020 Vision' (or 20/20 vision); a play on words for our 2020 conference & security event. Unfortunately, Covid-19 saw that plan thrown to the wind. Two years passed but we still thought it was still a great idea, so went ahead with it at 'Vision 2022'.



Having had a photo taken of their eye, delegates was given a printed image of it at the event and had a high resolution version emailed to them. An example of the printed image is shown below.

After the event, back in their studio, the team at EYECONART worked on a commission that saw all the images of the eyes taken at the 'Vision 2022' event made into a single image (shown above).

The completed artwork image, in various resolutions, can be downloaded below.

Highest resolution ( warning, 31.5mb image file)

Download PNG • 31.41MB

Medium Resolution (9mb image file)

Download PNG • 9.04MB

Lower resolution (2.5mb file)

Download PNG • 2.54MB

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