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Vlado Damjanovski - IP VSS (CCTV) standards IEC-62676

EN-IEC 62676-4 gives recommendations and requirements for the selection, planning, installation, commissioning, maintaining and testing of video surveillance systems (VSS) comprising of image capture device(s), interconnection(s) and image handling device(s), for use in security applications. The objectives of this part of IEC 62676 are to: A) provide a framework to assist customers, installers and users in establishing their requirements, B) assist specifiers and users in determining the appropriate equipment required for a given application, C) provide means of evaluating objectively the performance of the VSS.

Vlado is an author, inventor, lecturer and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) specialist, based in Kiama, on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He runs his company - ViDi Labs, which provides consultancy, system design, product testing and training.

He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from the University Kiril & Metodij in Skopje (Macedonia) and he specialised in broadcast television and CCTV. His 1982 thesis on the subject of charge-coupled devices (CCD) pre-empted their wide commercial use by ten years. In his first job, after graduating in 1982, he was a design engineer for CCTV cameras, monitors and VDAs, at the Video Engineering company in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Find out more about Vlado's celebrated career here

Vlado has recently produced a 72-minute video explaining IEC-62676 and has kindly shared it with us for you all to watch. He has also offered to join CCTV User Group Members on a Snapshot Webinar to discuss this and to answer your questions, watch this space for news of this exciting event.

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