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Watch our Snapshot Webinar: New Surveillance Camera Commissioner talks CCTV, regulation and funding

The recently appointed Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Fraser Sampson, joined us last week for a Snapshot Webinar, talking about his work to date and answering your questions.

Fraser took up the post on 1 March and since then has been doing his best, as he says, to listen more than he talks. He said there has been nearly universal interest in the work that he is doing, which he finds very encouraging as this is a rapidly evolving industry which will have big ramifications for everyone in years to come.

Scroll down to listen and watch the webinar which covered a range of topics including:

  • Progress on updating the CCTV code of practice

  • A question about the need to obtain SIA licences for all councillors within a local authority to bring CCTV monitoring in house

  • The use of automatic facial recognition in CCTV and crime prevention

  • Should the Home Office measure the effectiveness of CCTV in the same way as it measures fingerprints and DNA?

  • Funding for CCTV – is the lack of funding impacting effectiveness? Should police and crime commissioners be allocating more money to CCTV?

  • Are doorbell cameras a breach of the surveillance camera code of practice if they are purchased for residents by police or local authorities?

  • Can local authority CCTV systems have access to databases of criminal images such as county lines gangs and use facial recognition software?

  • The use of volunteers in CCTV monitoring and the need to SIA license them

  • Innovative new technology including the use of sound analysis

If you have an idea for a webinar we should host or your organisation would like to sponsor an event, please get in touch with

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