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British Standard BS7958 and the CCTV Code of Practice and why you should consider obtaining them

Last week’s Snapshot Webinar was on the topic of standards, specifically two standards for the CCTV industry: BS7958 and the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

We had over 30 guests for this webinar, indicating the level of interest in standards within the CCTV industry. Thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to the discussion.

BS7958:2015 for CCTV control room management is the linchpin British Standard for our industry. It’s aim is to provide recommendations for the management and control of CCTV within controlled environments where data which might later be offered as evidence is received, stored, reviewed or analysed.

One of the standards that BS7958 refers to is the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice which contains the 12 guiding principles for the management of CCTV systems. Created out of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, the Code of Practice ensures CCTV systems are operated to high standards and in a manner which protects the public right to privacy.

In this webinar, we heard from Olivia Cullen from the Office of the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner. Olivia outlined the process for obtaining third-party certification of compliance with the Code. And we also heard from representatives of the CCTV User Group – including our new Honorary Chairman Oliver Martin who, in his day job, manages the CCTV system for the London Borough of Hackney.

Watch the webinar recording here:

We were also hoping to hear from Stuart Hobson, CCTV manager at Cheshire East Council about his journey to achieving BS7958 and accreditation of compliance with the Code of Practice, but unfortunately he was unable to join us due to technical difficulties with Zoom. However, you can read his story here: Stuart Hobson scores accreditation success for Cheshire East control room

We also promised you links to documents and websites mentioned during the call:

Presentation: Third-party certification CCTV Code of Practice (PDF)
Download • 159KB
Presentation_ What is British Standard BS7958 (PDF)
Download • 45KB

Thanks again to everyone who could join us and to our speakers for their invaluable contributions. As always, if you have any questions about this webinar or CCTV in general, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing

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